Are Vlasic Pickles Gluten Free?

Are Vlasic Pickles® Gluten Free?

Question: Are Vlasic Pickles® Gluten Free?

Answer: Yes, Vlasic Pickles® are gluten free, kosher and they do not contain MSG. However, please check the individual packages label, ingredients may change.

Vlasic Pickles Company Information
Pinnacle Foods Consumer Relations
PO Box 971
Miami, FL 33152 USA
Phone Number: 1-800-432-3102

This menu is provided by as of 2014. The Gluten Free Menu is not associated with Vlassic Pickles® Please check with the listed company before consuming any food items. We are not responsible for any information that is incorrect. This menu is only a guide and it should not be relied upon without checking with the local branch of the business.


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