Are Advil Gluten Free? – No Not All Avvil are Gluten Free.

Are Advil® Gluten Free?

Answer: Advil® Film-Coated do not contain gluten. However, Gluten is not added to Advil® Film-Coated products during the manufacturing process.

However, they cannot guarantee that minute amounts of gluten or gluten derivatives are not contained in raw materials obtained from various suppliers for in their manufacturing process since the end product is not tested for gluten.

Also, Advil® Liqui-Gels® and Advil® Migraine and contain a wheat derivative, and are Not gluten-free.

Advil Contact Information
Pfizer Inc
PO Box 1043
Kings Mountain, NC 28086
Phone Number: 1-800-882-3845

This menu is provided by as of 2014. The Gluten Free Menu is not associated with Advil® Please check with the listed company before consuming any food items. We are not responsible for any information that is incorrect. This menu is only a guide and it should not be relied upon without checking with the local branch of the business.


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